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Our buyers are whom do retail buy from us on wholesale price. We have retail customer as well in the following Industries Panel:-

Printing Press

None of our products leave the company premises without going through the most detailed and stringent quality checks.
This is the result of a well planned work flow that has its own check points at every stage of the printing process.
Our clients will vouch for the fact that we operate in an error-free environment.

Paint Industry

The only truly global ranking of the top manufacturers of paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants.
The Top Companies Report is intended to provide our readers with a snapshot of the industry’s most influential players.


An International Journal on Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Applications.
With papers from industry, Research and Development departments and academic institutions, this journal acts as an interface between research and industry, coordinating and disseminating scientific and technical mechanical research in relation to industrial activities.

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